Anti-social Behaviour

The State of The Nation

Because of successive mainstream governments, especially the Labor Party, Australia has become an ever more fractured, disordered, disrespectful and violent society.

• We now find ourselves living in a morally corrupt state of regulated anarchy. Anti-social behaviour, welfare dependency, public strife, family breakdown and drug abuse are all on the rise. Law and order has broken down, leading to a social crisis and a threat to the very fabric of our society. Street crime, gang warfare, knifings, muggings and drugs terrorise our neighbourhoods. Our unfortunate elderly are afraid to step out of their homes through fear of attack. Is it any wonder many of our youngsters are beset by hopelessness and drift into crime or drugs - or both.  For a young, rich and modern nation, this is disgusting.

• Because of the divisiveness of the twin evils of Multiculturalism and Political Correctness, Australia is descending into a bleak, fractured country without any sense of belonging or shared values - the building blocks of any genuine community spirit. Law and order has been eroded as Australia falls more and more under the influence of the United Nations with its Human Rights treaty agenda and other Internationalist, "One World" organisations.

• The police are more concerned with
abiding by political ‘correctness', attaining figures, crushing free speech and punishing the motorist than fighting crime or helping build strong communities. They are no longer combating the scourge of drugs as well as they should - partly due to a failure of will on the part of Government. In parts of Australia criminal gangs now have the whip hand.

• Those who break our laws are treated as victims needing support rather than punishment. This notion is supported and encouraged by the unhinged minds of Left-wing extremists and do-gooders. The breakdown in discipline has been brought about by this pink socialist ‘nanny state’ that Australia has become. Even teachers and parents are denied the right or power to discipline their own children.

One Nation has already identified the problems, the causes, and many of the perpetrators.  All that is left is to gain government so that we can change the laws of the land and restore our Nation.

You can act against anti-social behaviour and the threat and insecurity that weak Government has brought upon us by voting One Nation WA.  See Link HERE

The Fault and The Blame

• The state has surrendered to criminals in the fight against crime. They have wrecked the authority of all our civic institutions that once upheld the social order.

• The bond of the community has been systematically destroyed by Labor’s insistence on the unnatural entities of ‘victim culture’, multiculturalism and mass immigration. Once again their policy is to ensure yet more Labor votes.

• The Government refuses to imprison many wrongdoers. It wants to
empathise not punish.

Political ‘correctness’ has deprived parents of the right to discipline their children. But discipline when young will avert the sort of behaviour that can morph into serious crime or result in sexual deviations during adulthood.

• The myriad initiatives and Government plans loudly peddled through the media are nothing more than smoke-screens to convince the public that the Government are taking measures. In reality what they are doing is creating even more Public Sector jobs for trendy overpaid officials who are sure to vote Labor

• The Government has lavished support on single mothers and punished two parent families through the tax and benefits system.

The Government allows smaller and smaller building block and this in turn creates ghettos and a ghetto mentality.  In addition children growing  up in these ghettos are at more risk of physical harm, under  more stress at home due to lack of space, and in later life will suffer more illness due to lack of exercise while they were children. All these are negatives for the community, but great money spinners, councils, property developers, real estate agents and the health
services community.

• Offenders serving sentences in the community are dealt with by an army of cuddly social workers, probation officers, counselors, drug advisers and bureaucrats.  All these are servants of the state; once again they are in the pocket of the Government.

Society and especially our youth are in chaos; morality and traditional family values have been destroyed.  If we are not to face complete meltdown we all must act NOW! 

We already have most of the laws in place, but we need enforcement.

We need government to back our police.

We need to restore the family, social cohesion, respect and discipline as a counter to the "I've got rights" culture.

What are the Tools

In spite of what many may suggest, Law and Order is just a small part of the solution to regaining our youth and restoring their vital place in the family unit.

The regimental, "put them in Nasho's"is probably not the ideal solution either.  We live in a greatly changed world from that of the nineteen sixties or seventies.

Having said that, there is a great desire on the part of the bulk of our young people to be doing "something" - especially outdoors.

We have all heard the "I'm bored!" line from teenagers. We've also seen them spend hours glued to some pointless computer game. Most parents have shelled out the money for those games, but all this type of activity does is divide the child or teenager from the real world and make money for some foreign  multinational company.

One Nation WA is aware of the striking differences in self esteem and confidence between youths who play outdoor sport or join organisations such as cadets and those who don't. 

If the gathering of life skills, the joining in community activities and the widening of  horizons begins at an early age, then our youth are far more likely to see and grasp future opportunities that will offer them advantages as they face the future in an ever more complex and competitive world.

One Nation WA strongly recommends all parents encourage young people to join organisations such as the the Emergency Services Cadet Corps (ESCC is throughout the state), learn first aid, join a shooting or pistol club or do similar outdoor courses or sports at the earliest possible age.  All such courses offer teamwork, disciple, build friendships and trust and better equip our young people for life.                LV

More on Emergency Services Cadet Corps ESCC  HERE

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