Ask yourself ...

How much longer
are you going to put up with sick paedophiles patrolling our streets?

How much longer
are you going to put up with the corruption of our children by the filth and decadence portrayed on television and in the media?

How much longer
are you going to tolerate the liberal attitude to drugs that are ruining our youth?

How much longer
CAN you put up with immigrants taking your child’s place at school, their doctor’s surgery or at hospital?

Do you
want the reintroduction of tough laws that will
make the streets safe again for our beloved children?

Do you
want to stop freeloading immigrants coming
to Australia and exploiting our health and welfare systems?

Do you
want good, wholesome Australian values to be
taught to your kids so they have a decent upbringing?

Question:  What can you do about it?

Answer:  Join One Nation WA Now!
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- The family is the ideal social unit for rearing future generations.
With falling  birth-rates more money must be made available to encourage people to have more children, while ensuring free creche and daycare facilities for working parents.
All families with children shall have priority to council housing  - with garden space for children to play.  No more sardine houses!

We are the Women’s face of One Nation WA - dedicated to the protection of our children and a safe future for them. We believe in good community spirit and Aussies living among each other. We oppose weak laws that endanger our children and we will not tolerate any action that does not act in the interest of our kinsfolk. We believe in the sanctity of heterosexual relationships and family spirit and we consider ALL homosexuality as unnatural, sick, immoral and a danger to the existence of the human race and the welfare of our innocent children.

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