I’m pleased and proud to welcome you all to One Nation Western Australia’s revised web site.

The site was crafted to offer a wide range of information and services to members and the public alike.

As I’m sure you’ll quickly discover the site is a fountain of useful information. I must say I spend quite some time on it and have picked up many useful tit bits along the way.

Unlike many websites, this one was created as an active tool to enable members to find and pass on useful, timely, information to friends and foes alike – to network.

The uncluttered pages contain images and links to PDF files that can easily be emailed or printed and sent on.

Such state of the art tools are all part and parcel of the modern “information superhighway” and a modern political party.

Henceforth, One Nation WA (inc) will fight its battles with today’s tools, not yesterdays!

Now you will even be able forward our latest press releases to friends or your local media – at last you can really become “active” in spreading the One Nation WA message!

I would like to thank all who contributed stories and articles of interest, especially our small website team who’ve burned much midnight oil on this production.

The site brings One Nation WA Policies to you, the voters, in an easy to digest way with an “At a Glance” selector panel. You can even print policies out from the site.

Finally, let me invite you to help One Nation WA in our VOLUNTEER program, then JOIN One Nation WA as a full member and help regain Australia for Australians.

Best regards,

Ulrich Mehnert

  Interim State President, One Nation, Western Australia.

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