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One Nation WA  is always looking for people and organisations willing give of their time or their substance to guarantee the future of our Australia, our children and our grandchildren.   

One Nation WA isn't backed by secretive unions that call in favours as soon as their team wins government.  Neither are we heavily supported by big business or powerful vested interests wanting payback when the opportunity presents. Put simply, w
e are a party of the people.

Only by remaining strong at home can Australia help weaker nations abroad.  Both Labor and the Liberals undermine that. 

If "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance." then  you can be  sure only One Nation will be on the ball!

We would love to have you join us in any one or more of the activities detailed below.

Please help us in this epic battle to save our way of life, our culture and our freedom!

How can I become more involved?

To help grow our cause, One Nation WA  requires people from many backgrounds and with a wide range of skills.

a.  Research Group.

It takes time and effort to stay on top of all the issues that confront our nation. Good research data and background information is essential to the success of any political party. We require volunteers who can gather and prepare quality information for our cause and assist candidates with their campaigns.
b.  Membership Drive team.

Energetic, enthusiastic, people are required to form teams able to mount membership drives and assist with organising and running One Nation WA activities and events such as social gatherings and meetings.
c.  Publicity/Public Relations/Marketing team.

People with media, writing, public relations, publicity and marketing skills are required. If you already have qualifications in these areas this is a great way to keep your skills up and meet new people.
d.  Placements in the One Nation WA administrative team.

Every modern organisation needs professionally trained administrators, accountants, and computer literate staff working behind the scenes to co-ordinate organisational, members, candidates and our field team's resources and needs. If you have management skills we want to hear from you.
e.  Legal and constitutional team.

Our approach to legal matters is two pronged. Firstly we need qualified people with general legal and workplace/employment tribunal experience to assist our members, friends and often just members of the public who find themselves in life's nasty jams.  Secondly we need legal experts to assist with One Nation matters ranging from internal issues of compliance and ongoing protection of the organisation against those who would do us harm, to legislative and constitutional issues.
f.   Consumer Advocates.

A constant battle is waged against that minority in the business community who would exploit people.  Protection against consumer rips-offs, food labeling scams, unchecked importation of sub standard food products from Asia and the Middle East and the milking of our farmers and dairy industry by big business are all priorities for One Nation.
g.  Expert advisers, Industry experts and Consultants

We require experienced advisers to assist those who hold roles as One Nation WA  spokespersons.  The value of an accurate portfolio brief cannot be underestimated.
h.  Actively lobby and protest.

Most under performing individuals, organisations, departments and governments only react when under severe attack from the people!  Your job will be to make them feel even more uncomfortable! An excellent job for those who love a good argument and for keyboard warriors!
i   Teachers and Motivators

We require people with teaching and motivation skills to help bring every individual within the One Nation team up to speed. This ranges from grooming, dress presentation etc. through to planning meetings and public speaking.
j.  Speakers and Presenters.

If you are a One Nation WA Member (or considering joining) and you have these skills please call us. We can use you!

k.   Counselling and Visitation.

A great need exists within the community for simple one on one contact with our sick, those in crisis and the elderly. If you have these skills we can use you. Please call us. Volunteer forms are available on the menu selection at the bottom of the page.

 Interested Organisations and Individual Sponsors

Most political parties only come cap in hand for money when an election looms. If they win, then you can bet they won't be back until the next election.   Is it any wonder the public and sponsors hold them in such low esteem. 

Henceforth One Nation WA will operate in perpetual campaign mode.  We will be building our machine, working with and for the entire community, and on the attack against our enemies 365 days per year until what is wrong in our nation is put right.

Like all smaller political parties One Nation WA is  forced to  operate on a shoe string.

In brief, we need everything necessary to run a successful modern political party.  That includes office equipment, furniture, consumables, office space and areas suitable for meetings, training lectures and workshops.

To print out a VOLUNTEER FORM please:-


Lyn Vickery - 0415 030 442
Senate Team Candidate Australia First 2016

Brian McRae 0437 417 263
Senate Team Australia First 2016

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