The Fromelles Club

A brand new members and friends social, business, and fundraising club for One Nation. 

Reason for the Fromelle's Club's existence.

To create powerful long term pro-active and trustworthy alliances to further our members success in life. As well as fundraising, the club will empower like minded members to meet new friends grow within society and enhance their personal careers or business and political opportunities at all levels.

The club will help members to develop a wide range of lifestyle skills by offering exciting new opportunities for fellowship, timely information exchange, lobbying and personal development.

The Fromelles Club will support One Nation but also enable members to quickly build up their inner circle of trustworthy partners.

The club is named in honour of those brave young world war one diggers who, having given their lives for Australia and for their loved ones, lay in unknown graves in the fields of France near the village of Fromelles until time and technology uncovered their cold and lonely sleeping places.

Though never having the opportunity to see Australia grow we cannot forget them and through the name of this club, The Fromelles Club, they live on.

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