Subject: Re: Our plan to tackle climate change & boost renewable energy
To: "Bill Shorten" <

Mr Shorten,

Climate change is a money making hack!
It's called 'THE WEATHER' !!!

Try doing something useful like getting rid of the Islamic invaders and third world economic migrants and give us back our country!

This is and always has been a Judeo \ Christian country and people like you with your political correctness and social Marxism are trying to take us back to the dark ages at a rate of knots that is mind blowing!

When is someone in this crazy mixed  up apology for a  democracy going to wake up and realise that the majority don't want either you or  Mr Turnbull.

Give some credit, we are not all 'useful Idiots'. Stop insulting our intelligence!

Perhaps if you would try listening to the majority, instead of listening to the rabble raising minority,  this country might finally get back to being the wonderful country we can truly be proud of.

Writer's name withheld.

This Chart From Engineering Group Monadelphous Shows What Happens When The Mining Industry Slows Down
Chris Pash Aug 19,

Engineering group Monadelphous posted a 6.3% fall in net profit to $146.5 million as it shed employees in the face of a softening mining industry.

However, the result for the year to the end of June was held up by growth in oil and gas contracts.

The net profit slump flowed from lower revenue of $2.3 billion and followed two years of extraordinary growth.

Managing Director Rob Velletri says the impact of softening in resources was reduced by a focus on productivity and increasing activity in the LNG and coal seam gas markets.

Oil and gas customers contributed more than 40% of total sales in the latest year.

The group’s work force was cut by 25% to 5,321 in the year to the end of June.
Velletri says.
New contracts and extension to contracts of $1.8 billion were secured in 2013/14, including the company’s largest ever construction contract for $680 million work on the Ichthys LNG Project in Darwin.

This chart shows how quickly Monadelphous Group shed 25% of its staff: Link HERE

How Does Agenda 21 Affect You?

Agenda 21 is a non-binding, voluntarily implemented action plan of the United Nations with regards to sustainable development. It is a product of the UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992. It is an action agenda for the UN, other multilateral organizations, and individual governments around the world that can be executed at local, national, and global levels. The "21" in Agenda 21 refers to the 21st century. It has been affirmed and modified at subsequent UN conferences.

Agenda 21 is a 300 page document divided into 40 chapters that have been grouped into 4 sections.

Section 1 : Social and Economic Dimensions. This section is directed toward combating poverty, especially in developing countries, changing consumption patterns, promoting health, achieving a more sustainable population, and sustainable settlement in decision making.

Section 2 : Conservation and Management of Resources for Development. Includes atmospheric protection, combating deforestation, protecting fragile environments, conservation of biological diversity (biodiversity), control of pollution and the management of biotechnology, and radioactive wastes.

Section 3 : Strengthening the Role of Major Groups. Includes the roles of children and youth, women, NGOs, local authorities, business and workers and strengthening the role of indigenous peoples, their communities, and farmers.

Section 4 : Means of Implementation. Implementation includes science, technology transfer, education, international institutions and financial mechanisms.

Development and Evolution of Agenda 21.

The full text of Agenda 21 was revealed at the UN Conference on Environment and Development (Earth Summit), held in Rio de Janeiro on June 13, 1992, where 178 governments voted to adopt the program. The final text was the result of drafting, consultation, and negotiation, beginning in 1989 and culminating at the two-week conference.

Will Your Children Be Slaves?

Agenda 21 is a globalist attempt to impose UN environmental regulations aimed at controlling your Local Council through the International Council for Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) created in 1991. Already hundreds of councils in the USA and the world (including Australia) have signed on to this program. Find out if your council is a member.  Click here for list of councils.

Here are just a few examples of items promoted by Agenda 21.

1. Control of the size of your family.

2. Cutting the amount of goods and service you can buy or use.

3. Virtual elimination of private ownership.

4. Denying access to National Parks.

5. Government control of fishery and farm harvests.

6. Equal rights for all living and non human objects. (animals, plants, rocks, rivers etc)

7. Control of business by government.

8. Increased taxes on gasoline.

9. Fundamental change of the economy.

Like most of these globalist schemes which emanate from the United Nations they are aimed at placing more power and control in the hands of the politicians. Your Council may have already decided to adopt Agenda 21 which would have been presented to councilors as a sugar coated plan for "Sustainable Development". They need to be informed and educated on this issue.  To be forewarned is to be fore armed.


The latest outburst by the GRATTON INSTITUTE claiming that retirement age should be extended to 70 years old shows the lengths these social engineers will pursue in order to enmesh ordinary Australians in a lifetime of mounting debt.

With 65 to 70 year olds driven further into old age with less time to spend active retirement years on a pension already paid for by a lifetime of taxes, our younger generations are kept out of employment and the chance to achieve a secure future, on unemployment benefits paid by those older workers forced to remain in the workforce.

The added claim that retiree’s homes should be taxed is another attempt to stop parents leaving an inheritance to their children and keeping them out of the debt trap so many parents and grandparents have endured for a lifetime.

While progressively destroying manufacturing and agriculture over the last 50 or more years and in doing so the jobs for our younger generations, these same governments are encouraging cheap Asian labour to take those few remaining jobs and ensuring that more young Australians remain on a retiree paid for handout.

Governments bemoan the lack of funds to support Australian internal infrastructure while encouraging a flood of immigrants both legal and illegal from cultures which ensure those people will remain for a lifetime on government assistance while Indonesia, the recipient of millions of dollars of Australian aid thumbs its nose at us and openly burns our flag!


Brian McRae -  State Director: ONE NATION WA



Apart from their indiscriminate populate or perish immigration policies, one of the greatest failures of all our past Governments at both a Federal and State level, is that our cities are clogged with too many people in relation to our roads, public utilities and other infrastructure. The whole system is totally overstretched.

Billions in ever more onerous tax revenues which should have been used for essential infrastructure has been systematically squandered over time.

When even our essential services cannot cope, mindless immigration policies continue to flood the Nation with ill chosen people who can become nothing but future net liabilities to all levels of our society!

On a daily basis our manufacturing industry is dismantled and forced offshore, so strangling decent career and job opportunities for Australians.

Our real estate and rental Industry is in crisis. Property prices are dropping steeply and mortgage stress is on the rise everywhere.

Our national power grids are in chronic decay - unable to cope.  Electricity is fast becoming un-affordable to the average Australian!  Why?  Decades of maintenance neglect and the creation of private power monopolies under the guise of privatisation has failed ordinary Australians.  What is the consequence for pensioners, low income families, and those with children. Sorry! Too bad! Sit in the dark!

Australian public transport systems are rapidly approaching third world status while third world and developing nations technologically leapfrog us with high speed bullet trains and modern commuter system solutions that make our cities look like something from the dark ages. The Nation’s roads are grid locked with traffic relegated to a snail’s pace!

Our outdated interstate freight and passenger railways and rolling stock are a national disgrace.  The Sydney to Perth trip, a distance of almost 4000 kilometres, still takes 3 days and nights!   The major rail line connecting Sydney and Brisbane is relegated from Maitland to a single line shared by freight (and now even mile long coal trains). 

The lucky country is fast running out of luck!                                               

However all of the above pale beside the long ten year drought that saw dams dry up and the nation’s taps almost run dry.  Gross mismanagement of our water resources by State and Federal Governments and an almost criminal failure to address water management issues over decades almost caused a huge catastrophe .

When Mother Nature finally came to our rescue, she did so in such a devastating fashion that again our government and local authorities lack of foresight and infrastructure planning were exposed. Badly maintained levee banks burst and devastating floods caused unnecessary loss of life property and infrastructure!

Again another unnecessary burden upon the Nation because of the failure of those in Government! 


In 1928 a great Australian, John Bradfield, presented a grand vision to harness and redirect the abundant waters of eastern Australia’s great rivers.  His plans were presented to the Queensland Government in 1938 and again in 1942.   In 1981 Premier Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen commissioned a five million feasibility study – but it all came to nothing.

Had Bradfield’s plan been implemented, would the recent floods in Queensland and News South Wales have occurred? Would the effects of the ten year drought been so costly and severe? Probably not! 

Unbelievably, even today over development is sanctioned by blind local councils long before any services and public utilities are put into place.  Often this is driven at the whim of foreign developers with little thought being given to service sustainability.

Since the party’s inception, One Nation has offered John Bradfield’s Scheme as a possible solution to our water problems.   In Bradfield’s plan (and it’s various revisions over time) are concrete forward planning measures and solutions which might once again see our Nation self-sufficient as was the case in the 50’s and 60’s

Link to Bradfield backgrounder

The Real Reason Why 50 Million "Refugees" Want to Come to the First World
" An interesting refugee analysies by the British National Party "

  Courtesy - News Team - BNP

The real reason why 50 million 'refugees' want to come to the First World (Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand) is simply because of massive and irresponsible Third World overpopulation and not anything else, ... 

'The important information is that the population of Uganda, just one African country, has doubled in size in the last two decades and has gone from 17 million to 33 million in 20 years.

"Uganda is expected to double its population again in the next 10 years, which will make a total of approximately 66 million people. This is an increase of 49 million in 30 years.

"If Britain had the same population growth over this time period (without any immigration) we would have a population in this country of approximately 230 million people by 2020. If it was Australia the number would be over 40 million by 2020.

"Uganda does not have the jobs, housing or other infrastructure to cope with or provide for the extra millions of citizens.

"When they cannot find work, housing or food, they will head off like locusts to 'greener' pastures.

"Those greener pastures will be Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand. They are all places of relative prosperity and places where the politicians and ruling elites will happily allow them to invade.

"They won't head off to China, India or the Arab countries because they won't be allowed in.

"The ones who remain behind in Uganda and ceaselessly produce more children, are just as serious a problem as those 'refugees' who invade Europe.

"This ever growing population will devastate the natural environment in Uganda as they cut down trees and overfarm the land. They will eventually be unable to feed themselves and will start killing the wildlife.

"When they finally exhaust the natural resources, they will then starve, but will keep producing more children.

"The same story is repeated right across the Third World.

"No Third World country has the jobs, housing, infrastructure or resources to cope with their massive populations.

"They cut down trees and forests to provide more land for housing and farming, causing soil erosion and depletion on a devastating scale and destroying natural habitats.

"When the soil is so depleted that they cannot grow crops, or, as in Haiti, where it simply washes away in heavy rains because the trees that kept it in place have all been chopped down, they end up living in a barren landscape which cannot support any human life, let alone the millions who need sustaining, and they end up starving.

"When this happens, those that can get away from the environmental catastrophe that they have created in their own lands move to countries that offer anything better.

"When one is jobless, homeless and starving, Europe with its taxpayer-funded public and welfare services and employment for those who will undercut the indigenous workforce, looks like paradise on earth.

"The fact that the ruling elite of Europe welcomes these self-made 'environmental refugees', giving them every assistance to come here and, beyond belief, extra benefits for having children, will only lead to the same overpopulation problems in our homelands.

"This will in turn cause the same devastation to the environment here."

Big Australia v Small Australia - An Analysis

Dear Sirs
Only a few short months ago, the former Prime Minister boldly stated on national television: : "I make no apology for strongly supporting a Big Australia". At the time, this meant he fully supported the "achievement" of the forecast population of 36 million people by 2030. Once his minders let him know about the shockwaves this sent through Middle Australia, the then Prime Minister back-pedalled at a rate never seen before. Or since.
More recently, the leaders of both major Parties have prudently distanced themselves from "Kev's Big Australia", correctly sensing the voter angst.
What follows below are my own thoughts, for and against, a Big Australia. I am sure there are many other valid points, for and against, which I may have omitted. Perhaps this may simply be a "thought starter" for other constructive comments ?   FULL STORY HERE

Who created Political Correctness, Multiculturalism and Affirmative Action?

The task of the Frankfurt School was first, to undermine the Judeo-Christian legacy through an "abolition of culture" and second, to determine new cultural forms which would increase the alienation of the population, thus creating a "new barbarism."

To this task, there gathered in and around the Frankfurt School an incredible assortment of not only Communists, but also non-party socialists, radical phenomenologists, Zionists, renegade Freudians, and at least a few members of a self-identified "cult of Astarte."

The variegated membership reflected, to a certain extent, the sponsorship: although the Institute for Social Research started with Comintern support, over the next three decades its sources of funds included various German and American universities and other powerful organisations   Full Story HERE

Know your enemy!


Welfare recipients

In reply to Billy Kerr’s article (South West Times 4th Sept) re; welfare reform. It is interesting that on one hand he is bemoaning the unfairness of the proposed reforms towards Aboriginals, but is also inferring that they are somehow not mainstream Australians.
I am not aware that the proposed welfare changes are aimed at only Aboriginals, but at those Australians and others who show scant regard for a welfare system aimed at sustaining those unfortunate enough not to be in regular employment or suffering some sort of disability.
To separate Aboriginals as a group from the welfare pool is racist and does nothing to encourage assimilation, something history confirms that Aboriginals in general have attempted to do since first settlement.
His statement that: Aboriginals have been here for over 100 thousand years is a pretty broad net to cast given scientific evidence, and after over 200 years of coexistence is no reason to encourage  segregation.   
Although emerging from a primitive hunter/gatherer culture, Aboriginals aspire to the same lifestyle comforts as other Australians and all seem happy to live in houses, drive cars and source their food from supermarkets rather than living under a tree, hunting kangaroos and digging yams.
We should “all” be regarded as “Australians” and not be divided into ethnic and culturally different groups, where being somehow different attracts benefits and privileges not available to everyone…….a ready recipe for racial tensions and unrest.
I am personally aware of whole families other than Aboriginal who have been on welfare for several generations and it is this whole “bludger” group which paints the welfare system into one bad picture.
I also see what I believe to be some rather stupid decisions made by the Abbot government, but at least they are making an attempt to reign in years of waste and inefficiency in our federal financial quagmire and to nit- pick everything they do in this regard is akin to throwing the baby out with the bath water.

Brian McRae


The current cry of many Australians bemoan the ever increasing number of Asians who are settling in Australia and the continual stream of local manufacturers who are winding down operations here and importing cheap products from Asia and China while many other local businesses are choosing Asian workers in preference to our own.

This far from satisfactory arrangement is further highlighted by the call for Australian workers to remain in the workforce until 70 years old before being eligible for well-earned retirement and a pension already paid for by a lifetime of taxes.

The immediate downside of the above means that our younger generation are kept on the dole without prospects of employment and a secure future paid for by the taxes of those 65 to 70 year olds who are forced to keep working well past their expected working lifetime.

The current actions by Indonesians burning Australian flags and refusing to support Australia in its attempts to curtail the ever increasing influx of illegal immigrants while at the same time receiving millions of dollars of Australian aid is an example of the contempt shown by these people for the goodwill of their nearest beneficial neighbour…Australia!

The below attachment is a glaring example of the weakness and apathy of Australian governments from the time of writing (1959) and goes a long way towards explaining the current position of our ailing economy and way of life.

While trade and friendship should be encouraged with all of our neighbours, Australian governments must put the interests of our own countrymen to the forefront and stand and be counted on the world stage and not cower to the aggressive tactics of our trading partners.

Brian McRae - Director - One Nation Western Australia

Twenty five taxes and counting...

Today we pay tax on top of tax. From the ubiquitous GST to income tax and now the big new mining slug that will trickle down and hit us all in added costs.

Yet, not one of these taxes existed 100 years ago when our nation was one of the most prosperous in the world.

We had absolutely no national debt...
We had the largest middle class in the world...
And Mum stayed home to raise the kids.

What happened?   Find out HERE

Australia is Not The World's Welfare State

Both One Nation WA and the Australia First party believe Australia has NO international obligation to accept all who claim to be refugees.

We believe ALL those who come to Australia illegally and claim refugee status should be returned to their point of departure.

Currently illegal immigrants claiming refugee status receive the Asylum Seekers Assistance which is 89% of the Centrelink Special Benefit payment, approximately $600 per fortnight. We believe this is not on!  Full Story  HERE


The Not-So-Sweet Truth About

Aspartane is an artifical Sweetener found in many of the foods we consume every day, including soft drinks, chewing gum, breakfast cereals and jams.

Even though it is FDA approved, many dietitians and nutritionists warn against its use, wary of the claim that it can deliver the taste of sugar without any of the health drawbacks. Full Story HERE

Paper trail leaves red prints on Labor's past

Arthur Gietzelt's denials of being a communist activist are at odds with ASIO records

LAST week's ABC1 documentary I, Spry, about the former director-general of ASIO, Charles Spry, has caused some controversy. It suggests Spry unlawfully intervened in Australia's politics, that ASIO's spies were ineffective and unprofessional, and that the threat of communism was exaggerated.

However, without denying some abuses of power during the 1950s and 60s, ASIO's belief in the threat of communism was real and new evidence shows how significant this threat was.

Full Story HERE

The Return of Thomas Mun
by Martin Hutchinson
China's recent announcement that it would use its $2 trillion of foreign reserves to boost its companies overseas acquisitions tells us that its economic beliefs are neither those of Adam Smith, nor of Karl Marx, but of the 17th Century mercantilist Thomas Mun. It is becoming clear that in economics, unlike in "hard" sciences, old belief systems never die.      
Full Story HERE 

Are we living under the Communist Manifesto?

The only difference between Communism and socialism is its method of imposition. Communism is forced upon the people against their will. Socialism on the other hand is entered into voluntarily by the majority of voters.

Even though the goals are the same, socialism is much more dangerous because it gradually enslaves the people with the use of visible force. The evils of socialism and humanism cannot survive exposure unless "good men and women do nothing"  Full Story

Australian Citizenship
Australian citizenship should be valued highly, it is not a right.

Australian citizenship should have major advantages over residency in Australia and along with it come responsibilities.

I believe Australian citizenship is a total commitment of loyalty to one country, therefore I believe dual citizenship must end. Divided loyalties are dangerous to Australia. We have seen recent examples of people with dual citizenship allowing their Australian citizenship to be used in criminal activities.

One main benefit should be that only Australian citizens can buy property in Australia. With the “Independent” reserve bank pushing up interest rates and foreigners having access to lower interest rates in their own country they have greater buying power than Australians, and that is wrong!  Full Story

Intro to Frankfurt School


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