Malcolm Turnbull stabs Tony Abbott in the back - Australia today is like Humpty Dumpy after he fell off the wall.

Wind the clock back.  It was Labor's Gough Whitlam and his merry band of lunatics with the help of his disgraced sidekick Al Grasby who first shook the immigration wall that ended what was supposedly destined to be the
" lucky" country! Frazer, (a Liberal), Hawk, Keating, Rudd and Gillard did the rest.

Once a fine looking egg, Australia is now reduced to the hopeless scrambled mess of good intentions, Cultural Marxist political correctness, multiculturalism, affirmative action, economic migrant asylum seeker chaos, massive government overspending, waste, debt and incompetence we have come to expect from alternate Labor and the Liberal governments.

Our values are dragged in the gutter.  Our nation is sold off to foreigners.  Drugs flood our streets. The invaders are over the walls, into our land, and in some cases through the front door. The government drives us deeper and deeper into debt and refuses to listen or do our will
Our people are confused and frightened.  Everything is smoke, mirrors, lies and spin and where there is no hope the people perish!

All the Liberal and Labor donkeys and all their string pullers can't put Humpty together again.  Who really trusts Malcolm Turnbull? Many cringe at the thought of Shorten as they recall Rudd/Gillard Labor - arguably the most incompetent team of fools since the Whitlam government was sacked! 

Prime Minister Turnbull's peered through his economic drainpipe recently and concluded his only option was to rush to the polls and try and scam another term in power for the Liberals - before his popularity sinks like the Titanic. Quick!  It's back to the people for an election - or should I say injection!

But how will the people scrape up that messy scrambled egg at election time? How do we put Humpty Australia back together again?  Both the Liberals and Labor clearly have no idea. The Liberals are out of gas and Labor is out of talent. They're a lost cause! 

No matter how much "the old days" may appeal to some, we cannot change the past or bring it back.  We can only work in the present to create a new future - and that is exactly what One Nation WA and Australia First propose.

We all know that neither the Liberals or Labor can magic a scrambled mess back into an egg. 

That's exactly why One Nation WA's policies hatch a whole new Humpty Australia - one seated on the wall of solid, tried and tested Australian
values, common sense, honesty, responsibility, hard work and service.

Ours is a sensible Humpty, with a firm grip on the wall called "reality", not just the beguiling foolishness of the Liberal's blind subservience to globalist big business and one world government, and Labors focus on their own pockets.


One Nation WA's role is to defend and work in the interests of the betterment of the Australian people by the simple creed of  - "service with honesty to our people". 

An initial primary aim is to awaken the Australian public to the threat posed by the tyrannically enforced, and wholly unworkable, multicultural/multiracial etc social experiment an unnatural project that functions to the detriment of ALL peoples

To promote Australian culture and our unique identity in a land that does, unquestionably, belong to the all  Australian citizens and to no other people.

To construct a support network for like-minded Australian people by which we can sustain our people, offer advice and fight their corner.

To build an infrastructure of organised patriotic resistance to the tyranny and corruption of mainstream politics.

To network effectively with and provide support to patriotic One Nation/Australia First candidates who are equally disillusioned with this corrupt political system.

To drive back the enemies of our Australian culture, values, lifestyle, law, language and the civilisation we possess and to uphold the family unit by every legal means possible.

To actively expose and destabilise all people, organisations and bodies that do not act in the interests of the Australian people - the enemy within.

To seek from the Australian people a mandate so that we may right the many wrongs already done and better serve them.

Don't let the lights of freedom die - join us!

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